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Formula = Compound Interest + Reverse Affiliate + Your Desire

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EMILLIONAIRE Formula Compound Interest + Reverse Affiliate

If you are reading this page, it is already a very good sign

I am going to explain to you sincerely, from me to you, how this system works that can lead you to achieve astronomical figures, if you do it right, as I indicate.

No knowledge is necessary, practically everything is created, all that is missing is your desire to do it.

The EMILLIONAIRE METHOD is one of those things that happen in life that we do not hesitate for a second to recommend to our own children, parents, siblings, friends, etc. THESE ARE BIG WORDS.

System created for 1 year being able to profit from the first day

We teach you how to incorporate the compound interest mentality into your daily life, whether you are an employee, retiree, self-employed, entrepreneur or unemployed.

I'll explain the 4 concepts that come into play in Emillonario.

I'll explain the 4 concepts that come into play

I assure you that if you are able to read to the end, you will be happy for the rest of your life.

If you are reading this, you are an intelligent person, because the one who does not read, either is lazy or thinks he knows everything, or because he preconceives that he is going to be deceived.

  1. The compound interest formula.
  2. Reverse Affiliate Program.
  3. Our product and system.
  4. Project duration and what we do along the way.

The compound interest formula

The compound interest formula

According to Albert Einstein, the compound interest formula is The eighth wonder of the world.

The compound interest formula is nothing more than applying interest to an initial amount and then applying the same interest to the result, and so on.

You may be wondering, yes, it's very nice, but How do you earn the applicable interest and how do you contribute the initial capital?



This is where we come in with our proposal, RISK-FREE and completely transparent.

Example of compound interest

Example of compound interest: Let's say we have 1 dollar, or 1 euro, which is more international. If we apply a daily interest rate of 1% to 1 dollar, and then apply a 1% interest rate to the result, do you know what the results are over time?

Imagine, we started with 1 dollar:

Profit in 1 month 0.36 $ + your dollar or euro
Profit in 3 months 1.49 $ + your dollar or euro
Profit in 6 months 5.11 $ + your dollar or euro
Profit in 1 year 37.53 $ + your dollar or euro
Profits in 2 years

1,455.27 $ + your dollar or euro

Profit in 3 years

55,022.34 $ + your dollar or euro

Profit in 4 years

2,078,970.18 $ + your dollar or euro

Comments on the compound interest results table

Why have I put this table for you?

Notice the beastliness that is increasing over time, what at first is interesting, over time becomes a beast of brutal growth.

And for this reason, we have invented the reverse affiliate system, which I will explain to you below.

In the private area, I leave you a link to download the excel sheet with the compound interest formula where you can test changing the amount and interest.

Whether you participate or not, that sheet will be helpful and guide for your savings, investments, etc that you can make during your life.

There are plenty of anecdotes on the internet, among others this one, that I don't want to go around without explaining to you, but I believe that these stories will help you a lot to understand our concept:

True story about compound interest

The Chess Bet and Compound Interest

The story begins in ancient India, with the inventor of the game of chess presenting his creation to the rajah of the kingdom. The rajah, impressed by the beauty and complexity of the game, asks the inventor to choose his own reward.

The inventor, being a very clever person, asks for something that seems modest at first: one grain of rice for the first square of the chessboard, two for the second, four for the third, and so on, doubling the amount of grains on each of the 64 squares of the board.

The rajah, unaware of the magnitude of this request, immediately agrees, thinking it is a trivial reward. However, as his servants begin to place the grains of rice on the board, they realize that the required amount grows exponentially, revealing the true nature of compound interest.

By the time they reach square 64, the amount of rice needed is greater than the production of the entire kingdom, and even, according to some versions of the story, greater than what could be produced in the whole world.

The rajah, now aware of the intelligence and cunning of the inventor, and of the powerful mathematics lesson he received on compound interest, grants him the title of grand vizier instead of the impossible mountain of rice.

Compound Interest Story of a Lazy Millionaire

Here's another special one, LAZY:

The Lazy Millionaire

Once upon a time, there was a young man, Tom, who, despite being incredibly lazy, had a desire: to get rich without working too hard. One day, while lamenting not being born into a wealthy family, his grandfather gave him $100 for his birthday with one condition: he had to invest that money and not spend it.

Tom, who had no idea about investments, sought the advice of his smartest friend, who explained the concept of compound interest and how even small amounts could grow significantly over time if invested wisely.

With laziness but curiosity, Tom decided to invest the $100 in a mutual fund that promised an average return of 8% per year. He completely forgot about his investment and went back to his normal life, hoping that somehow, that money would work for him.

Years passed, and Tom continued to be as lazy as ever, changing jobs and never really advancing in his career or saving money. However, every year, without fail, his small investment grew thanks to compound interest, even though he rarely remembered it.

Finally, the day of his retirement arrived. Tom, worried about how he would sustain himself in his golden years, remembered the investment he had made decades ago. With trembling hands, he checked his account and to his amazement, found that his modest investment had grown to a sum that far exceeded his wildest expectations.


Although Tom had been lazy in almost every aspect of his life, his one action of investing early and letting compound interest work its magic had unintentionally turned him into a millionaire by the time of his retirement. "The moral here is clear: even if you feel lazy or indecisive, a small action today can have a massive impact on your future, thanks to the power of compound interest!"

What you get and how much it costs in Australia

What you get when you join and how much it costs

Once you join, we deliver to your private area:

  1. An e-book explaining in more detail the concept of compound interest formula applied to our reverse affiliate system.
  2. A small software form for you to test real-time with the compound interest formula.
  3. An excel sheet that you can download and use for whatever you want.
  4. A data grid with your evolution in the EMILLONARIO system that tells you how you are doing and tips to follow in each case. It is very practical and a great guide to check your progress.

Joining the EMILLONARIO SYSTEM, believe it or not, will only cost you a single payment of:

10 $

or 10€ or its equivalent in Bitcoin or Ethereum

CLARIFICATION: Our product is the information we provide you through the private area e-book with very valuable information to incorporate the compound interest mindset into your life. Participating in the affiliate program is entirely optional.

The affiliate program and reverse commissions

The affiliate program with reverse commissions

So far, if you have read carefully, if you haven't, I recommend you do it from the beginning, you have seen how profits soar by applying compound interest to a ridiculous amount, a dollar, over time.

It can be said that time is the best ally of compound interest. That's right. Mathematics don't lie.

But of course, what activity can we do, legally, that guarantees us or can give us daily interest without affecting our pocket?

This is where Emillonario's reverse affiliate program comes in. What is it about?

First, being a system that does not require investment, because $10 is not what I would call an investment, this makes it a highly recommended system for close circles, as there is no risk, no financial system with interests, no Ponzi schemes, it's simply a way to do an activity differently.

Needless to say, recommending this program to your network of contacts through your link, posting banners on your website, your email campaigns, your WhatsApp contacts, colleagues, family, etc. will surely be happy to participate.

But what does it consist of and why is it like this? Recommending Emillonario has these rewards from the following table, which you may think are wrong, especially if you are already participating in other programs, but no, and after the table I will explain why and the potential this has:


Direct Friends = Children 5%
Grandchildren 10%
Great-grandchildren 45%

Comments on the commission table

Have you been amazed by the table? If it hasn't surprised you, it's because you already understand the greatness of the concept.

And if you have been surprised or don't understand why it is like that, reverse, because it is usual for direct sponsors to always receive more commission. Here we break schemes, and do you know why? Because from here you will obtain the "interest" to fulfill your compound interest scheme that you will have available in your private area.

Remember, compound interest and time get along very well, they are great friends, the best friends, they are family.

Don't worry if you don't understand something now, basically, summarized, it is an ebook with very valuable information, that you recommend to friends, and as it is so fantastic, they recommend and so on. So everything starts with your circle of influence that can be three friends, 15, 100, 1,000, and How many will be your great-grandchildren? and Where do the highest commissions get paid? and What is the best friend of Compound Interest?

I think we have made progress, but of course, Who has the money, who keeps it? Of course yourself, we pay you your commission money every week from $20 onwards.

And here is where, "accounting-wise", our software in your private area keeps your accounts, but you keep your money. You will always have a balance in your favor, which you can save for tomorrow's interest and subsequent ones or spend it, or spend only a part, that's up to you.

Here comes into play where you can have where you put in each day what corresponds, or a bank account, a wallet, etc. We recommend that it be a place where you don't touch it, like a piggy bank for example.

Take it as a game, start from $1, and what you earn here, you cash out and save it, because while the first few days are just a few cents, then things start to rise, along with the commissions (Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren).

The reverse affiliate, what helps us, is to achieve the goal of 1% daily interest corresponding to each day.

Duration of the project and what we do along the way in emillonario

The duration of the project and what we do along the way

Is the Emillonario project just the sale of a book, a system, and nothing else?

Well, even though it's not little, as you can apply it to infinite areas of your life, it's not the only thing, there's still more, and it's very good.

Imagine you're at a Michelin-starred restaurant and you order the tasting menu, How many dishes are usually served? It can be 8, 12, 30, etc. our system is like a tasting menu, and I'll explain it to you:

The only requirement to participate is the purchase of this first ebook that I present to you here on this page. In fact, it's the most important, as it's the first, the start, your kick-off, the beginning of the journey.

30 days after your start date, we put up for sale in your private area, the second ebook with news and information for that specific moment, and so on every month.

You can't purchase the second, with very valuable information indeed, if you haven't been participating in the program for a month.

Similarly, for the third, you need to complete 60 days in the program, and so on until you complete the 12 ebooks of this program that I can consider almost magical, and it's like a game, but for adults.

IT'S NOT MANDATORY TO PARTICIPATE IN ALL 12 EBOOKS, ONE EACH MONTH, you can stop at the first one, but it's recommended, as you need to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

YOU CANNOT START WITH THE SECOND OR THIRD..., we all start with the first and it's up to each individual to participate in the second and subsequent ones.

How much will the remaining 11 ebooks cost? Well, exactly this: $12 for the second, $14 for the third, $16 for the fourth, and so on, increasing $2 in value each month until completing the 12 books.



Summary of the Emillonary system

In Summary

You have in front of you the investment system without investing with the most powerful formula known in financial mathematics and with the most surprising source of financing you can imagine, that you like, and that anyone you tell it to likes.

- The next step, if you are reading this, is because you have already registered, check your email folder, also check the spam folder if you do not find it in the inbox, ADD OUR EMAIL TO YOUR CONTACTS IN GMAIL, OUTLOOK or the application you use.

- Enter your private area, and get your book.

- Read it and keep it for reference to reread.

- And recommend it to the people you love the most, because there is nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

And finally, to tell you, that the project is presented in multiple languages and countries so there are no borders, you can promote it by word of mouth, through email marketing, social networks, to the people you meet, you know better than anyone how to do it.

Your affiliate link knows where it starts but not where it ends, because it never ends.

It is your enthusiasm and belief that recommends, not your technique, although it helps.

Get excited, because you have reasons to be. 


And a special bonus for you for being one of the first

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